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Katagiri Hinata

Kurenai misora (Being Red)


How do you do, my name is KATAGIRI Hinata.
I am most honored to be invited to participate in the ‘Eshi 100’ exhibition and for my work to be seen by so many people.
The theme for the illustrations is ‘Japan’.
Combinations of Japanese elements such as kimono, cherry blossom, samurai swords, and a bishojo (young girt) with black hair and wearing a school uniform, are my favorite subjects.
I also think that the unlikely image of a slightly built bishojo fighting with weapons is also very Japanese so I decided to create this kind of illustration.
I wrote the title using the kana script that was developed in Japan rather than Chinese characters.
The girls' eyes and kimono are the color of a beautiful sunset and the sword she holds in her hands gives rise to another tone of red which is what led me to use this title.
I hope very much that all of you who see this will like it, even if only a little.
katagiri_hinata seifuku sword

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