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Hiizuru tokoro no miko (The Shrine Maiden of the Land of the Rising Sun)


My name is KIMIZUKA Aoi and I am very proud to have been selected for this ‘Eshi 100’ Exhibition.
I started my career as a manga artist, then I discovered computer graphics and as a result I was given the opportunity to draw for computer games etc. in the digital world, while also producing magazine illustrations and pictures for novels.
The theme is ‘Japan’ so I have decided to use the image of a miko (shrine maiden) who symbolizes the Shinto religion. I have depicted a young miko glowing in the light of the rising sun and wearing a costume lavishly decorated with frills that is characteristic of my work. The two rabbits on the bow represent an image of the rabbits that are said to live on the moon. The idea of rabbits living on the moon comes from a Japanese legend. Although it is a rather clumsy illustration, I enjoyed doing it.
I will be delighted if this exhibition serves as a stepping stone to allow me to create new worlds and provide comfort for everybody through my work. Thank you very much.
kimizuka_aoi miko

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