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ass dakimakura dress izumi_tsubasu maid pantsu thighhighs undressing

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Not Amaha Miu.
Eye color is different from Izumi's Miu.
Her headband isn't present.
(post #147114 is one example)

She would be one of Izumi's random (or yet to be named) characters.
She's more like Yuuhi with long hair or somethin'.
She's not Miu. This was drawn long before she even designed Miu's character. And this character lacks wings to be Aika from post #169567.
Your second link aku is correct. That's one of the rare images she is without her headband. Look around though and she lets herself be known she is Miu. The cat is one thing.

Wtf confirms the rest that the other (first and last) isn't Miu.

I wonder if the artists knows that without their signature wear, it could be hard to distinguish their own characters with their art style?