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ad_suzuki akiyama_mina animal_ears bodysuit bunny_ears business_suit cheerleader cleavage crease getsumen_to_heiki_mina gun hazemi_kanchi hazemi_nakoru hazuki_mina kannazuki_mina katou_d kiryuu_daisuke kisaragi_mina koushuu_suiren mecha mecha_musume megane mochimura_tomo mutsumune_escartin nanashi_(getsumen_to_heiki_mina) no_bra okama onoue_p ootsuki_mina open_shirt pantyhose satsuki_mina seifuku shimotsuki_mina shiratori_mina shiwasu_mina tamamushi_mina thighhighs tsukishiro_mina tsukuda_mikasa tsukuda_mina tsukuda_takurou yayoi_mina_(getsumen_to_heiki_mina) yoshimi_jun'ichirou

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unfortunately densha otoko destroyed akihabara because now it as seen as a freekshow by japanese. not that it matters to us americans where there is stupid fad among 14 year old girls who watch inuyasha to call themselvs otaku. its soo sad how anime fans cant have a good subculture because of its destruction by others
look at that and look at my picture looks nice
explicit stuff isn't allowed though. but I don't care to tell you, mods gonna find you pretty soon anyway.