ahri akali amumu anivia annie_hastur blitzcrank caitlyn cassiopeia_du_couteau cho'gath dr._mundo draven elise_(league_of_legends) ezreal fiddlesticks galio garen_crownguard gragas graves irelia janna_windforce jarvan_lightshield_iv jax_(league_of_legends) jinx katarina_du_couteau kayle kha'zix kog'maw league_of_legends lee_sin lulu_(league_of_legends) luxanna_crownguard miss_fortune mordekaiser morgana nami_(league_of_legends) nasus nunu olaf_(league_of_legends) orianna_reveck pantheon_(league_of_legends) poppy poro_(league_of_legends) qiumao rammus riven_(league_of_legends) rumble_(league_of_legends) shen_(league_of_legends) singed sona_buvelle swain talon_(league_of_legends) teemo thresh_(league_of_legends) tibbers twisted_fate twitch varus veigar vi_(league_of_legends) vladimir_(league_of_legends) volibear willump xin_zhao yasuo_(league_of_legends) yorick_mori zyra

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good luck tagging everything.
If Thresh's lantern is enough to warrant tagging him, shouldn't Ashe's arrow and Nidalee's spear also be tagged for those champions? (pardon my bad English)
It hasn't been easy to tag everything.= =
And reminds me a game named "Find the Difference".