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abhar deep_blue_sky_&_pure_white_wings misaki_kurehito miyamae_tomoka seifuku

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I sense wallpaper material ...
Amazing ^^. *add to favorite*
i wish i had that as a screensaver inwhich she is just standing there and only her clothes, her hair and that piece of cloth is waving gently and slowly in the wind. awwwwww that would be an awsome screensaver <:3
oh yeah btw 13th voter = me
So I'm 14th..

And why this copyright so popular?
it's enough that this is the first game drawn by the legendary doujin artist.
Many people (including me) played the game just want to see his decent artworks.
Gah... still getting use to the options. Deleted my own comment, lol ^^

But yeah, if you like the extraction. I do have one.
So you have seen the message? My English is poor so I can't catch your meaning.
One more sorry for the flag of deletion mistakely..
Wow, great picture.
It would be great to have a logoaway version and maybe I'll have an A0 size printout to decorate my room... I get it for less than 10 usd.