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animal_ears honjou_tatami kimono kitsune tail tatami_to_hinoki

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Does anyone have idea about the relationship between tatami and hinoki? They shared the pixiv account and the circle wasabi, but from the activity on twitter recently it's safe to say tatami (honjou tatami) is more dominant in this circle now. Another proof is the copyright page of wasabi's c84 doujinshi, where hinoki's name appeared as "special thanks", it can be understood as he/she's not even considered as a (formal) mamber in wasabi any more.

I'm considering separate the tag tatami to hinoki, but it's hard to say who is the exact artist for existed images especially the old ones. So for now, I will just tagged them (this commercial work should be only credited as honjou_tatami I guess) with two tags.
Thanks for the info of his pixiv account!