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amairo_islenauts bra breasts dakimakura garter_belt kobuichi lingerie loli nipples open_shirt pantsu panty_pull shiraga_airi stockings thighhighs undressing yuzu-soft

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uh..why this post has been hidden ?
Japan's law about "obscene" material is actually very vague (also notice this law is 100+ years old). The trials or convictions based on this law are extremely rare.

So most of time, the censorship of commercial porns is because of self-regulation in industry.

Dakimakuras, on the other hand, are mostly sold on doujin events. I believe they have looser regulations.

However, I don't think this particular one is relevant to this topic.. The whole genital is covered.
nisnegativeone said:
I've also heard some artists on pixiv were informed by pixiv officials for not using censorship.
They can post uncensored work in the first place is good enough to say the regulation is loose..

Again, by regulation I mean SELF-regulation, just like eroge industry is self-regulated by ソフ倫 and CSA. Regulated by police is not self regulated at all..