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16-bit_color mikeou pantsu tan_lines topless towel

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It was over 280mb before, then I realized it was saved in 16bit instead of 8bit....
Trouble denoising this? That's why it's so huge...
oh my goddd,so huge,100mb was hard to download,someone need to resize the pictures plzzzz maybe jpg format and ?*5000 pixel
Grab a sandwich, drink a coffee, whatever, and wait...
you only get 50mg + when you scan at 600dpi+ and 48 color depth. PNG and higher format.
Not worth downloading in its current state.
I tried myself on smoothing this one out a bit and remove those folds.
It's not perfect, but it should be better and it certainly is smaller even without reduction of size.
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type pool:temp in the tag field (or add it onto pool:(000)) then download jpeg from the pool is a way, but not encouraged.