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kawai_(purplrpouni) pantsu seifuku skirt_lift yuri

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is it me or it look like kantoku style.
anyway good job kawai
kantoku at the first sight ,before my clicking in.
rather moe gals after all.lol
K@tsu said:
kantoku wannabe

The eyes are way too similar to be a coincidence.
The style looks a lot like kantoku's. However, the faces have a very different feeling. Even though the style is very close.

I can't quite put my finger on what the difference is though. These feel sharper than kantoku's faces.
Very different? The face is almost identical to Kantoku's style in 2013. Check post #263997 post #254879 and post #270313.

But yeah, there is difference between it and Kantoku's current style. Kantoku adapts his style quite frequently.
Visually speaking, yes, almost identical. However, this artist's style feels quite different. Yes, even if you compare to the kantoku pictures you linked to. The difference is a bit like if you compare a photo of a very well made doll to a photo of a person. Kantoku's pictures have some kind of aliveness that's lacking here.

If not for the faces, I'm not so sure if I could tell if it's kantoku's drawing or this artist's.