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ao_no_kanata_no_four_rhythm dakimakura pantsu panty_pull seifuku skirt_lift sprite suzumori tobisawa_misaki

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is the artist ever specified anywhere? The only reference I could find is the prelude book which mentions Yuuki Itsuka doing the main heroines and Suzumori doing sub characters. But then one of the paper bag they gave out says "illustrated by suzumori" for an Asuka image ヽ( ゚ ワ 。)ノ
Sorry, It not specified.
I estimated Suzumori doing this character from autograph of this image.
oh right there's that image as well. But then there's this image which specifies both: http://puu.sh/gfWux/1d71c12be1.jpg

And another one which specifically specifies Itsuka doing the main heroines http://puu.sh/gfWyh/80da8510df.jpg

If anything, my guess would be either:

- Itsuka did the original design and then they both just draws whatever they need to regardless
- or the reverse, Suzumori did the original design and then split on who draws them in game
- the information on the book is outdated/wrong

There could be more information but I haven't gotten time to check further.