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Who added the implication of "stockings --> thighhighs"!? I can't remove the thighhighs tag even though this image has no thighhighs visible.
It's gone now.
"acquire corp" now a circle / company.

Never mind. I think they discussed that in the forum.
I see no problem.

The thighhighs are not visible, nor the stockings.

You should just tag garter_belt.


Oh, in garter_belt it's said "Do not use the garter_belt tag if only the straps are visible. Instead, tag the post with stockings."

But stockings is a strict sub category of thighhighs by our site's definition. So if you can't say they're thighhighs, they are not stockings either. It's still self consistent in my opinion.

(if you ask me, I'll just tag it with thighhighs and stockings anyway).
Lol, it's the first time, I've found spoiler in game-art tags %)