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admiral_(kancolle) akagi_(kancolle) fubuki_(kancolle) haruna_(kancolle) hiei_(kancolle) ikazuchi_(kancolle) inazuma_(kancolle) jintsu_(kancolle) kaga_(kancolle) kantai_collection kikyou_(kiss-shot) kirishima_(kancolle) kongou_(kancolle) megane mutsuki_(kancolle) naka_(kancolle) pantyhose parody seifuku sendai_(kancolle) thighhighs uniform yamato_(kancolle) yuudachi_(kancolle)

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Yurashina said:
Same position, same items... of Idolm@aster https://yande.re/post/show/217559
Wow, i almost thought these two were the same image.. should we do something about it??
The author explicitly mentioned that this is a parody of that one.