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eyepatch kantai_collection nopan pengnangehao tatsuta_(kancolle) tenryuu_(kancolle) thighhighs undressing yuri

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The legs are... absurdly long... and can people twist that way (Tenryuu)?
Tenryu legs are the ones with thighhighs.
its funny how you expect realistic anatomy but completely unrealistic, simple and idealized characterization.
if youre fine with unrealness in the stories and characters (especially female ones), you should start to deal with their bodies not following every realistic aspect.
but i know, i know, youre very selective in what you accept or not, according to your own idealized fantasies.
every manga/anime fan is a bit like that, in higher or lower degrees.
that can be very problematic, especially when dealing with real people in the real word.
(i also go through it so.)

Kawaiideath said:
Don't listen to Debbie. It's just shit artwork.
they really got the perspective wrong on (im guessing thats) tatsuta's face.
thank you for listening to me.
my goal is not only to speak, but to act.
im struggling to take concrete measures that will change reality.