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Why is there not a more comprehensive "chubby" or "bbw" tag?
highaimer08 said:
Why is there not a more comprehensive "chubby" or "bbw" tag?
For the very same reason that we don't have "large breasts" or "flat chest"?
There are all kinds of things that we could tag but don't. The mods prefer to be light on the tags - particularly after seeing how bad it can get at sites like danbooru. Really, we're lucky to have any of the "general" tags at all given the mods' stance on tagging, and most of the ones that we do have are fairly objective. Something like "chubby" would inevitably result in debates over whether a particular girl qualifies or not, and we already get enough of that over some of the tags that we do have (e.g. loli). This reminds me of the comments on post #98203.