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If you notice the top left of this picture, you'll notice that the figure is "Sader" not Saber.
over 10 years ago
Isn't that the Shion's laughter motivator right next to Saber?
tengokuno said:
Isn't that the Shion's laughter motivator right next to Saber?
It is. And I wonder if anybody's gonna tag all these... >_<
now i only wish my room was like this, and that I wouldn't get on posting streaks! (5 or so posts in last hour)
There's a Death Note lying on the floor... and "Nice boat!" and of course no slaughter without laughter so this image is epic win! XD
And is that supposed to be xbox360-tan or something? <.<
What a mess...
And how can this book"怎样打飞/机"exsists...
I see a 4chan reference, and that is Longcat
zetsubo senseis fet up top from hanging himself
My favorites are the Nekomimi Firefox and the ergonomic mousepad.

The console-tans and McRoll reference are also nice.

In fact, I'm gonna go ahead and favorite this. The quality is pretty good and it has a lot of clever references to a lot of things I like.
I like Zetsubou-sensei hanging on the roof.
Hah.. You missed Mako-chan from Minami-ke .. RIght next to Yuki.
It's funny how Miku is just staring at the "leek", or "spring onion" for that matter. XD
Crap, now I wanna get home...
Shizashi said:
ergonomic mousepad.
I prefer ero-gonomic mouse pads
lol miku hatsune is taking the time to stop and smell the leeks growing...
一日岛民。。。。K岛占领世界啊 不过真是好古老的坟啊。。
K island's are absolutely invading the world!
Aww... Look at the cute chibis....
That's Shinku's suitcase under the desk. Added rozen maiden tag.