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feet murakami_suigun pantsu seifuku sweater valentine

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Reason: For unknown reason it's not the original pixiv image file according to the source provided, although the res remains same, it might have been compressed and thus more lossy as a jpeg file..

The site doesn't let me upload the pixiv one now either, saying it already exists (Even with different file size)
The reason behind this is exif.

The original pixiv file has exif info and this site always remove exif info when uploading. The image itself is the same.

That said, iirc the exif removing thing is supposed to whitelist pixiv, for this very reason (to keep the file intact bit-wise). But apparently it's not the case (I tested with another link). I will ask edo about the details.
I don't remember it was supposed to whitelist pixiv though.
Checkmate said:
I don't remember it was supposed to whitelist pixiv though.

I thought "admin2" had implemented that he mentioned? Or maybe not, didn't really remember to be honest
Oh, god that. Wasn't that to do with Anime Paper website adding exif data for the account used to download scans from them? I remember them banning a couple of people.
Read my last comment. AP were being bastards.
We just strip out the exif. It will not affect the quality of the image (except that it may kill the color profile which imho we should fix asap).