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Can't figure out a way to get rid of this one, there's a tricky gradient in the floor that's hard to match...
I hate dealing with patterns too >.<
Patterns are usually clonable, it's gradients that I find hard...
patch tool + curves, or new layer, clone sampling all layers and clone into selection. then do a curves and a bit of gaussian.
Explanation too terse, I don't know how to match a gradient with curves or how blurring it wouldn't make the reconstructed area stand out...
I guess, in principle, I could align colors with histogram/curves like I do when split images have mismatched colors. But, the gradient doesn't nicely follow the pattern, so if I match one region with curves, other parts of the copied pattern won't match. I guess I could apply curves on its own gradient (make two copies of the area, apply a gradient mask, apply curves to each side separately and blend them together), but getting colors to even remotely match smoothly that way would be a nightmare.
You can always use advanced blending with the W/B sliders in the level dialogue box. Another expedient would be to cone to new layer and use the W/B silders there in the blend options. There is almost always some compensation using blurs to trick the eyes of the viewer.