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Mermaid & Siren & Lorelei
gap mermaid tana

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I left the unfixed ones loosely cropped, so if someone tries to fix it and has to rotate either part, the cropping can be done properly (after rotation).

This one's so busy it looks like a nightmare to fix...

aoie, It's your turn =D
I won't touch this :P
I'll do it then. I'll get test out Sai with this image.

As soon as i can get the entire image to load >.<

--- Gah... nvm i'll use CS2 for this. Not quite used to Sai yet. The annoying thing is that, I have a rather weak computer. Low processing, and low memory. For this huge image i'll probably have to crop out the most of the image but like the section being repaired.

Though it helps, fixing the image seems so miserable cause all u see is a huge verticle line ^^.