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thats kind of funny so what is the name of this show i've been trying to find out for about a month and i still cant fig it out.
i dont really know vary many anime manga shows so im trying to find something differint to watch i still like watching naruto and naruto shippuden bleach is nice to watch but im kind of lost on it since thay skiped a few seasons i started watching this show called D.Gray-man witch kind of reminds me of full metal .... cant really remember how to spell that last part (sorry) kind of bad at spelling some words:-[
So what is the story line for this show its gotten me kind of curious to know what its about...
im a new guy at this sort of thing so is this like a myspace sort of thing? (Just thought i'd ask)
An unfortunate portal into the mind of he who lives whole days of his life in a single sentence ...
Lol xD, and you can see the name of the show, it has the purple tag.
this may seem a bit random but i started reading shonen jump manga about two years ago and started finding shojo beat shortly after and started reading it but when i go to a park or something i feel like im looking at a girls fastion mag. Seems a little weird to me when im actully am reading manga instead.
I'm actully into comedy some romance just not the mushy stuff horrer and action
oh i just created an acount today im not used to this type of web page
im from the united states and i dont know how to read japaness.....:-( thowe i really want to go to japan some time in my life im just a little nervous about the outcome when i do
I should mention, before you end up quadruple-posting, that you can edit your posts when you think of something to add to them. Also, when you're writing big blocks of text, you should try to employ at least a bit of grammar, and when you have a huge block of text, you can use spoiler.

If you're really dying to introduce yourself or talk to others here, the Forums would be a better place to do it ;)
its going 2 take me some time 2 figure this out
dying to introduce myself i feel like i died a long time ago just sayin
I'm more interested to know how he found this site and mistook it for something like myspace.