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clannad disc_cover headphones sakagami_tomoyo scanning_artifacts screening seifuku sunohara_youhei

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It had to happen!

Sunohara is Tomoyo's real destiny :3
we just have to hope that Sunohara will not get kicked over 9000 times! ^_^
The microphone + mail makes it look like a radio show. Hell, I'd listen to them on the radio.
Tomoyo's raised eyebrows make her looked surprised, but her eyes alone say she's unimpressed by Sunohara's overactivity.
If sunohara doesn't cut that immediately, he'd likely be slienced by a combo for the remaining session...

Don't interrupt the work of the bounds of destiny! :O
I want it as much as you, but the side characters in these types of shows rarely get any love.
Oh man i would have loved to see them hook up. it would have just worked. Hell, Sonohara was my favorite character, i would like to see them make a series about HIS life. Or even an alternate story where he gets together with Tomoyo at least.