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dancing_blade kohayashi_hayashiko momohime signed vector_trace

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This is full vector remake picture, It's not official drawing, but I don't know who is the original illustrator about this picture.
If any body know him, please let me know, I'd like to contact with him.
M..might be wrong but i'd say it looks similiar to old Carnelian/Nanase artwork.
Yap, it is really similar to Aoi Nanase, but I can't sure, and I doubt she know how to draw CG at about 10 years ago....shes works also uses color ink or other media.
I remember this image exist at least 8~10 years, and it's original image is full CG illust, so I think it's not Aoi Nanase's work.

BTW, when I remaking this image, I slightly modified the brest........larger than original........
Un....you know it, the man........huh....XD
she is a charactor designer working on Kyoto-animation, and this game is licenced both Konami & Kyoto-animation. so I guess this original artwork is designed by her.
I've found who had draw this picture, his name called "こはやしはやしこ"(Kohayashi Hayashiko), but I can't find his blog or other things to contact him.........hum....I feel so disappoint.
If anybody have any idea where can I find the original illustrator, please let me know, many many thanks.