ass breasts cum d.n.a.lab fixme gap maka_albarn makenshi_chrona miyasu_risa nipples open_shirt pantsu panty_pull soul_eater thighhighs

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come on, I was hoping for at least a minor fix for the gap... oh well time to work!
I'm not sure it would be particularly interesting to restore explicit images.
I'm not sure it's any more or less interesting than any other kind of image, but this isn't a particularly interesting picture to begin with...
Not too many users here are interested in fixing Rated 18+ images.

Me included.
I'm not sure where your numbers are coming from. But this isn't a minor gap, anyway. I wouldn't attempt it.
I love these kind of images, but this is too low res :P
(in before, I have no time to do massive fixing -_-)