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Wow! One has no nose but the other has no face!
"Dust, Scratches and Noses" again?
I remember someone complained about the same thing last time, and it was a suzuhira image too.
Maybe we could have tags 'no nose' and 'no mouth'. (-_-
No need for such tags. Not like we go about having much issues like these and that would be 2 more fault tags >.<

We have more than enough faults to fix.
(aoie, you don't need to say such a thing as if you are a jokeless bitch...)
I do joke >.<

There was a farmer and his son and..

But that aside, those tag can fit under fixme anyway. Just trying to the site neat and tidy >.<

Unless there's the need for tags to identify scanning mistakes/screening mistakes.
The disturbing 'I have no face' fault does come under the scanning artifacts umbrella. Don't want to get too specific with fault tags.