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Please don't use weird symbols in tags.
.... huh? it's the correct name for the game. And I've used the star character in tags before without complaint, so why now suddenly?
I thought there was an earlier mention about non-English symbols in Tags? I'll have to do a search.
tsunagaru★bangle has the star in it too. I aliased primary_~magical_trouble_scramble~ to this one like tsunagaru★bangle is aliased to tsunagaru_bangle.
Well, the way I see it is we tag stuff with japanese name order and with proper spelling (no stupid removal of u's from words) and so on, so the tags should also have the proper symbols that the game uses. I can always tag them with an underscore and then someone (can regular users add aliases?) could alias that tag rather than tagging with the symbol then aliasing that.

edit @ Radioactive: those are hepburn macrons, they're wrong and stupid on every level imaginable and aren't the same as special symbols used in a game's name like this. Macrons amount to typos as far as I'm concerned, because if I search for Ou (king) I'll search for 'Ou' as that's how it's spelled, but those stupid macrons would have it as Ō, and who the hell is going to search for that? Hence, macrons are fail.
Ugh, I feel dirty just talking about them *shudder*