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Because someone had to do it (again).

Who's blonde? I like <3
I tried to remove her eyebrows but it still looked wrong to me somehow
What?! You tried to remove my Mugi-chan's precious eyebrows?!
weird eyebrows to be a girl.
or is it a trap.
VampiressMiharu said:
You tried to remove my Mugi-chan's precious eyebrows?!
I heard they were edible

Okay, I'm calming down now.
asterixvader said:
weird eyebrows to be a girl.
or is it a trap.
You realize your icon has a pic of two of the girls from this anime? I'm guessing you haven't seen it, but Mugi-chan is most definitely a girl >:O! In fact, she's more of a girl than the rest of them (personality-wise).
This Mio girl is getting to me. Geez...showing up in some places I go. Why is she so popular? Maybe I should watch the Anime.

Before I there a Dumb-*ss girl in this series?......oh and hello kyoushiro.
I dropped the series. Too much Haruhi-ness and moe scenes involving the extremely overrated Mio. I'm aware of the fact that KyoAni made both anime, but it's as if they're trying to substitute K-ON! for the second season of Haruhi Suzumiya for the time being. I don't really care about Haruhi anyway.

Is there a dumb-*ss girl? Yui. She's you're regular female anime character. You know, the one that seems to have her head in the clouds and doesn't study.
It's a bit of a blunt instrument--some of the gags more or less take her guitar and whack you with it--but it's still one of the more entertaining shows running.
Hmm...Haruhi-ness. That show confused the hell out of me.

Yui is the dumb girl that doesn't study and such you say?...screams out Usagi (Sailor Moon) to that means she isn't like Lala from ToLOVEru. Thank goodness.

Thanks VampiressMiharu & Boss petopeto. I'll see how it goes.
I suppose that you could say that K-ON is kind of like Azumanga Daioh in that it's about some girls going through high school without any real plot. However, the type of humor is quite different and K-ON is highly moe. In fact, I don't think that I've ever seen a show as moe as this one. That doesn't mean that such a show doesn't exist, but basically K-ON is moe incarnate. If you like moe, you might like it. If you don't like moe, stay away from it. It's all about some cute, moe girls interacting and having fun.
Well I do like moe...wait moe means doing something adorable...super cute...super kawaii right?...never mind....I know what you mean by moe.

Anyway what you, Kalessinsaid, kinda worries me. I never seen Azumanga Daioh but you said in this one part:
it's about some girls going through high school without any real plot.

That definitely reminds me of Lucky Star. I saw all of Lucky Star...but it took me many weeks to fully complete watching it because after watching few episodes I would stop and either watch something else or fall asleep (this option mostly)...because I was bored out of my mind. I will admit certain episodes somewhat made me laugh...but I was BORED.

Well I'll give it a try. I gave Lucky Star a shot because I saw images of them before watching it and I said they were cute.

I rarely watch and then drop Anime. The Anime has to forcefully disappoint me to drop it. So far that record is 1...and that was Konnozuke no Miko.....or something...I forget how to spell it...but it started out about a somewhat silent b*tch wanting to protect a cute girl with a red ribbon [her reaction to that girl screamed lesbian love] and both of them were reincarnated Mikos sworn to protect the world. I didn't get very far with that one.

Anyway...PETOPETO~~~~! Sorry Boss...kinda hard to resist such a cute username with that icon.
Well, K-ON has more plot than Lucky Star at least (as does Azumanga Daioh). Lucky Star has _no_ plot really. K-ON And Azumanga Daioh has at least _some_ - particularly in that we actually see the characters doing things other than chat about random things and there's actual character development. However, I suppose that a comparison with Lucky Star isn't _entirely_ unjustified. Still, Lucky Star is primarily about talking about entirely random and normal things and finding ways to make it all funny. It's a commentary on high school and life in general I suppose.

Azumanga Daioh and K-ON are more about seeing the characters go through high school and how those experiences affect them. So, there's actual character development and there's at least some plot. But still, it's basically seeing high school girls do what high school girls do, so it's not exactly a particularly involved plot for either show. I'd definitely recommend Azumanga Daioh if you haven't seen it since it's quite funny. K-ON is funny too, but it's really all about the moe. Lucky Star - as you've seen - is all about finding funny stuff in the random junk that happens every day. I don't expect that anyone would be bored with Azumanga Daioh or K-ON the way that some people are with Lucky Star. They may not find them particularly exciting, but you're not going to watch them and sit there wondering when they're going to do something more interesting than talking about cornettes like happens to probably just about everyone who watches the first episode of Lucky Star.
Wow. That's a good summary Kalessin. I will watch it...AND check out Azumanga Daioh.
Azumanga is one of the most fun and enjoyable shows I've ever watched, it really is spectacularly awesome :) I love character driven shows like that anyway though, but Azudai is one of the very best of its kind.
nINTH Altima stop making Kannazuki no miko out shit!
If you fel offended with girlxgirl,so shouldn`t have started watching it if you`ve known that it`s a shoujo ai anime~desu!*
*desu means that I manage to forten the expression of my phrase
P.S. As for me,person who watched all of Kannazuki, Chikane isnt no bad person at all,she`s been lonely all her life,she grew up among silence and cold treatening by the maids - the only group of people she saw every day who didnt call her neither but "ojou-sama",and Himeko was the first person who called her by name!"Moon shines only when Sun shines for it",and though we know that she was Moon miko,and Himeko was Sun and they protected Earth only when moonlight and sunshine work together,by the way,Orochi*their enemies* are real spirits from authentic mithology.
And,in adition?this anime is socially problematic about how the society status builds the wall between people.It is also very dynamic mecha,the perfect material for AMV!
I wish people would look at the time stamps.
what do you meam radioactive?
I`ve just registered and saw someone making one of my fav anime a bad name
Well, it seemed like you were replying to 1.6 year old comments, in which the commenters are doubtfully still around to see replies anymore.
Fanboys.. chatting with yesteryears like nothing!