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Sad that can't use her to be played in the game...
I see Otome in her.

Been Google searching on who played a part in Asakura Otome & Yume's designs. Can't really explain why I'm obsessed with those two (right along with Anime Tomoe Hotaru & Ryutaro's Hotaru) designs. It just stays in my brain.

While Tanihara Natsuki had a part in Yume, Kayura Yuka had a part in Otome.
Now based on those two, Kayura Yuka's tag [First thanks to fireattack & Radiosity] led me here.

She's beautiful and I can see Otome in her.
It may or not be official...but I'll keep watch on Valkyrie Complex's tag and search more on Tanihara Natsuki & Kayura Yuka art.