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She just beat Nanaka as the 2nd best DCII char.

First place still belongs to MY Koko <3
The Anzu fanboys are taking quite a bit to answer (and be wrong, as usual) :D
Anzu-sama cuteness is unrivaled, even though Yume is pretty cute too.
Kyou is superior.

Anzu has flat chest and flat ass. Nothing worth it from there.

In the other hand, MY Koko and Yume... <3
Anzu has a delicious loli ass..far superior to anyone on D.C..also spoiler

p.s: spoiler
All i hear is Anzu, Anzu, Anzu and MY Koko and Yume, MY Koko and Yume, MY Koko and Yume.

What about Maya Iincho? ^^
Koko > Yume > Nanaka > Otome > * > Pig disgusting Anzu.

I'd consider to replace Otome with Maya Iincho if I get PIC D:
Yume can be cute too. And !@#$ Koko, Nanaka is the best.
Anzu x Maya is the cutest pair.
I agree with syao, Anzu <3
syaoran-kun said:
Anzu x Maya is the cutest pair.
You got it half right :)
<-- only pair