467 k-on! mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha_strikers parody signum sword wallpaper

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It's Signum, man. From Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's/StrikerS. Not a pink Mio. In time, people like you who think things like that will make me hate K-ON.
I clearly see a pink Mio. What are you talking about?
This is pathetic. They have to attack Signum too?

It's obviously a parody. I think Signum is drawn Mio-style here, or Mio is drawn Signum-style. Tis sad how people only know of KyoAni's worst crap instead of the better anime out there. Well, it's not like MSLN is that good anyway. Pretty average.
It's clearly not Signum, they're far different (On the face).
..... do any of you know what the word 'parody' means?
Jesus, what has moe come to.
Radiosity said:
..... do any of you know what the word 'parody' means?
Apparently not.
syaoran-kun said:
Apparently not.
Obviously. QFT