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akiyama_mio baanin bra censored dildo hirasawa_ui hirasawa_yui k-on! kotobuki_tsumugi naked nipples nopan pussy yuri

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This is... a little bit extreme. ^^;

But awesome! =D
aaaahhhh, sisterly love, nothing like it XD
i don't think you should be asking that...


please take care of yourself!
Purple thing? Oh... Well thank you, I have some idea of what dildo is... But I can't look to this kind of stuff, it makes my eyes bleed. Really. >_>'

Like this. LAWL http://images.encyclopediadramatica.com/images/thumb/9/97/C812615523c1d64669d5b65ebe0abbd9.jpg/180px-C812615523c1d64669d5b65ebe0abbd9.jpg
oh, i think my answer wasn't satisfactory enough.
Second answer

Another spoiler

Now I know what a dildo is.


I don't know why are you answering this to me either. <_<

*Debbie quietly thinks of her next attack*
Um. Time to move on folks...
Wow Radioactive. You were using an avatar, and when I uploaded the page, it changed.
Really ninja. :O
I don't think I could settle on a single Avatar.
I've sure noticed that before... :P


Okay okay. I got that. I'm shutting up. No worries. Really.
I agree. Sisterly love is best.
I like how Mio and Mugi were either watching them from the beginning or walked in and are now just enjoying the show.
Not like it bothers Mugi though.
aye, in a way, the reactions from the other two are better than the foreground action.