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bra cleavage gun heels kuroi_kyoudain nishieda nopan

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So THIS is what James Bonds carries in his suitcase!
What's that white 'adult only' box for? is it like a swiss knife or something?
It'll be a cover or poster for some adult only publication. Rather than spoil the image some artists will integrate notices into the image.
Looks like a Claymore (gawd I love the text on those "Front toward enemy"), but I doubt this one shoots shrapnel in your face. I shudder to think what it *does* project towards its targets though.
I knew i had seen it somewhere: Wonder Festival Dealer (on DannyChoo's blog) http://bit.ly/a0nH8b (^^had to be nishieda <3)
So if you make guns out of soap this is what you get? Be clean or be dead!