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This is actually a doujin artwork parody of Touhou done by Clamp ^^. You can tell by the typical Clampish eye style.
So thats why it looked so familiar.
are you sure? on the left bottom of the page says "illust/ muu". in other words, if it where made by clamp, it should say "clamp" not muu (and there is no muu inside the clamp circle)
That's what my source said at that time and that was 7 months ago. You can change it if you like.

Not even sure if clamp does watercolor ^^
over 12 years ago

Muu is famous for working on the light novel "A Lollypop or A Bullet"
I've corrected the tags. Also while the correct romanji is indeed "muu", the artist chooses to go by "moo".
More likely the other way around--the word is "moo" (you know, the sound Western cows make), and he's just choosing to write it in hiragana...