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Sure beats a ship in a bottle in every possible way...
I suppose, but it actually strikes me as kind of freaky to have two girls in a bottle. They're certainly cuter than a ship though.
think of them as fairies. bottled fairies, like the anime, or like Zelda.
"Remember, kids! Don't try this at home!"

: D
The two characters before "500ml" (少女) say "shoujo" which means "girl".
The more you know
Atys said:
"Remember, kids! Don't try this at home!"

: D
Kid:"Mommy, can I put my sister in a can of Coke?"
Mother:"Your sister hasn't been born yet,why you wanna do that??"
Kid:"Since she's so little,I thought maybe she would fit now."
watch a choice of your avatar.
Yeah,I'm gonna change it,sorry.