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is that paint or something?
Mmm... Strawberry preserves...

Oh man, Blueberry too!
Actually, I think its Jam, but I think Americans call it Jelly?
navyark said:
Actually, I think its Jam, but I think Americans call it Jelly?
only grape called jelly anything else is jam or preserves
don't ask why grape the only one marketed as jelly
Is that blood? If so, what the hell is the blue stuff?
footloose said:
Art for the pervert! ^^
At least it's art - some of it's just porn ;)
*_* Add a little peanut butter, rub the girls together. *_*

Yeah, im here for the pervy art =P
0 0经典-------完全的看不懂--看来要去学点英语了----
I think the distinction is that jelly has all the bits strained out. These both have fruit bits, they would be preserves or jam. And ummm...what was I talking about?
Jelly with bits can be arranged.

Left on it's own a block of jelly will remain a block unless it's realllly hot. A block of jam would end up a blob at room temp.

The exception being the USA where jam is jelly and jelly is jello.
Это где же они так вымазались? )))))))
Otima coloração (y)... aprovei *----* -qq
SciFi said:
Jelly with bits can be arranged
What about moe blobs?
Do you think they allow "Carry-Out"?