eat watermark

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also quite different and quite nice
(I'm sure someone will say 3D pig-disgusting)
all i can say is... creepy...
She looks like Shenmue's Fangmei <3
Maybe its just me.. but her hands dont match her cute face o_O
That picture hit me like a brick for some reason.
yeah I find it
A artists from Taiwan
Take it easy guys...

I wouldn't like to hear that if I were the artist... Especially if I made such a great work...

It may not be manga but it's still pretty... ^^'
my 10 year old cousin has a face with these proportions (except for the ridiculously large eyes), which makes this pic super creepy.
You know what though, that bracelet totally looks 'shopped in. There's just so much inconsistency in this picture I can't make a judgement art-wise. Examples; first look at the face, then the dress, then the bracelet, then her right hand, thyen her right wrist.

The eye's really do annoy me though. If you're going to go realism, go the whole way.
i think she's pretty cute...except her wrist is a little too slim
her eyes and her face shape remind me with Nakagawa Shoko. :/