Make the half of the eyes shadows.
it becomes a slightly melancholy face.

Tobe honest, which I'm caring the most on a face is a 'mouth'. it's the most important part which determine facial expressions.
Therefore, I draw it with only thin lines at the last time.
Draw it as the lines getting thicker eventually caring their curves.
I like a bit twisted lines.

Finally, Regulate it adding shadows onto the whole image. then finish!
It's time to draw eyes.
I add lines with full of my mind because eyes are the most important parts.
Also draw the shadow of the front hair.
The lines of the hair are getting more.
But the contrast is getting smaller instead, thus darken the dark shadows more to keep good balance.
This is the most fun part.
Draw clothes with the same way.
Although I have to draw many lines because the uniform is black, I keep mind not to paint out them.
Make dense areas on the shoulders like catching the shadows of the head.
They're important, and I'm definitely drawing them because they make image stereoscopic.
It's the turn of 0.3mm mechanical pencil.
Draw lines from dark shadows.
Not to paint out, do it like drawing parallel lines.
Make paper's white visible among the lines.
Up density of lines on the dark area, Down density of lines on the bright area.
Draw guidelines of shadows.
I erased the lines of ears covered by hair, but leave other fine guides, or stick out lines.
Although I erase disturbing lines later, random left lines have a taste and good.
Fixed the bounder of the front hair and side hair watching the official site and the video.
Also extended the hair, added up number of hair parts.
When I draw hair, I rotate the canvas frequently to adjust the balance of left & right.
A nose and a mouth, and my specialty 'just a bit shown hand' are appeared (lol
The finish image is appeared when highlights of eyes & guides of shadows are shown up.
Hair is added.
It's the character who has accent on her hair style.
I was conscious of 3 layers of the front, sides, back hair.
Almost of the ears which I draw were became hidden
Whole shoulders & ears are added.
I draw ears right beside of eyes because I'm making a chin down face.
Incidentally, ears are down when a face is upped.
lines under a chin are to be a pointer of shadow.
I draw a picture rotating the canvas frequently to see the whole balance of the picture.
add outline.
the outline is very spread toward upside, isn't it ? (lol
it's alien's head if it's left as it is, but it's no problem because heir will cover it.
I'm caving in the outline of jaw.
cheeks are became 'puni'
I bend a neck & shoulders because front face hasn't dynamics.
I draw eyes first.
It's my custom since I was a junior school student.
monochrome oumi_ayumi sora_no_manimani tutorial

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I think the character drawn is Oumi Ayumi; a character who made a brief appearance in Sora no Manimani, though I'm not positive unless I watch the episode again.

EDIT: Just took a look at that person's DA; it is Oumi Ayumi.
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junior high school? primary school? :P
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oh ouch :D
I have a disease of typing junior high unconsciously because I love junior high lolis too much, but still better than typing kindergarten unconsciously.
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