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looks like sb forgot a white pice around her breast
Two bits actually, and a tad of airbrush
..... you'd think he would have used one of the transparent pngs you can get from most of the cg packs of this game that are floating around share rather than extracting it himself. Bit of a waste of time really.
I didn't confirmed this extracting quality.
all I know is it's a nude shop of that link, and who did this nudeshop didn't know it's a transparent png.
It's just one of the character images from the game, which are transparent (assuming the ripper does the job properly and doesn't save them as jpg, which sadly a good few of them do).
he tried to get rid of the panties as well?
Azarel said:
he tried to get rid of the panties as well?
Well, some unpacking maybe very hard...
I don't know if age's rUGP .rio package is really craked, but current version of CRASS has no cui to deal with it and so does SUSIE...

And, well, love for the character doesn't really matters whether it is a waste of time to overwork, if you think it is moe, just upload it :lol: