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cleavage miria_do_arcadia pantsu pantsu_wo_miseru_koto_sore_ga... thighhighs transparent_png wheel yuuki_hagure

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If you read the comments on post #97160, its likely this is the png parent of the crude extraction used for the nudeshop.
..drag & drop reparent couldn't work with my opera :/
midzki said:
..drag & drop reparent couldn't work with my opera :/
I'm not sure how that works, which one should you drag, the parent or the child?
just trying exchange them
copying the number into one & erase the other is time consuming
I find it easiest to simply put the parent number in the parent box of the edit field, that drag and drop stuff never worked for me (also an opera user).
Do we have drag and drop? ;_;
You have to change the Mode from View posts to Reparent posts, but I can't ever remember if you are supposed to drag the parent or the child so I always just put the image number in the parent box of the edit field.
I remember it worked in someday.. I forgot what I did or what version of opera I was using
You drag from the child, because you click a post without dragging to unparent.
Oh, it works. Thank you all.