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aria_(seiken_no_blacksmith) bandages breast_hold cecily_cambell cleavage elf leotard lisa matsumoto_masako pointy_ears seiken_no_blacksmith sword thighhighs torn_clothes

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naitomea said:
I don't like Aria...
well, i do like her, she's pretty sexy, of course my favorite is cecily.
I don't know how you couldn't like her - especially when we've seen so little of her thus far. I think that I actually like her better than Cecily though, but the show's still quite young, so we haven't seen all that much of either yet. I don't think that there's much question that Aria's outfit is sexier though.
I just caught up with the novels about a week ago, and I don't dislike Aria, but she's definitely not my favorite character. Hopefully the anime will elaborate a bit more on her character. =A= Hm, maybe I should try my hand at the manga next.