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airy[f]airy_~easter_of_sant'ariccia~ colette_marais fue inadequate_print_resolution lingerie pantsu rococo_works

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NOSEBLEED! man this one is an awesome scan
Agreed. Fue is cute anyway, but I especially love the choice of colors on this one.
Is the title intentionally like that? [f]?
Please tag "airy_fairy" as alias so we don't have to type the whole title. o_O
撃速, is this scan have something wrong process?
comparing to other scans you did, it has jagged edges as if it has upscaled
ah, I found the mistake while I'm looking at the original print.
the original has already jagged edges before scanning, it means the artist sent a file under 350dpi drawing.
some doujinshi have this case, but I first met in commercial magazins.
anyway 撃速, you're certainly a good scanner =D
added upscaled because it's upscaled BEFORE printing
Removed upscaled coz it confuses moderating. m(_ _)m
upscaled tag isn't needed on printing issue.

(killed almost upscaled now)