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breasts dakimakura ef_~a_fairytale_of_the_two~ miyamura_miyako nanao_naru nipples nopan yukata

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Its better, but to be honest, a new, properly done, scan would be better.
Just because I'm too boring...And IMO, to scan a dakimakura isn't a easy work..
Lol..that's good enough for a dakimakura..since i've scanned 2 myself..you can't get a "properly" done scan. You just have to do a lot of fix on PS. Towels are even worse. Though..he should've used a cardboard at least.
oh. I wouldn't know, this kinda stuff is rarer than snow around here
I'll upload the unmerged scans later..
Thank you, dovac!
Yuuko dakimakura next?