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armor chibi fate/stay_night saber saber_alter saber_lily sword u-ka wallpaper

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How about this chibi.. is this good? i choose the dark 1!!
on the left is Saber Lily Version, center is normal saber, and right is Saber Alter Version...

I love Lily version!!! One of my most Wanted Action figure..
Love it, Fate's are my fav Visual Novels (Stay Night & Hollow Ataraxia). Don't like the background tough, think it would look better without it. Didn't knew that Lily hair was more yellow, is it?
And the wepons are good to, Excalibur, Dark Excalibur and Caliburn on Lily look really nice, and look at the eye hehe Both Saber Lily and Saber eyes are so great hehe. I'll try to take this back ground away.