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Saber Alter
Dark Excalibur
Saber Lily
armor fate/hollow_ataraxia fate/stay_night photoshop saber saber_alter saber_lily transparent_png u-ka

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I really don't like, how the image turned out to be, in the End. I had to do some lines by hand, and the title is the worst i could use.

Translation from Right to Left:

-Saber Alter - Dark Excalibur
-Saber - Excalibur
-Saber Lily - Caliburn

I made the text color, based on they're cloths, and they're wepons.
Hope it's any good xD.
the best is the actual saber, the middle one :D
Lol your right, but i all of them are Saber, but still they look diferent, i have a Q to those who played CODES, is Saber Lily hair, a bit diferent from normal Saber or not?
There are so many images, and i only have played Stay Night till now, and i'm in the end of the 2 Route, so i don't know much, of the story.
My love goes to Saber Lily.
I wish the PSP network would drop the price on the Fate Unlimited Codes game so I can get Saber Lily :) $30 seems a little steep for a PSP fighter...