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I couldn't check them all, but the editor who made them must be came from dial up era
Oh... What do you mean with that midzki? Did you download Urotan's stuff?
Adding obvious jpeg_artifacts on tiny size monochromes isn't the act of our ages.
He must have 100MB HD & 64kbps connection \(>ヮ<)
\(>ヮ<) Poor guy...

Well, at least he got a scan we don't, right.

I've searched for Urotan's "Strawberry Hearts" doujin but Rapidshare deleted the file.
I have a 66mb zip file of Strawberry Hearts To Heart 2 doujin. this one #93851 I don't know if that's what you are looking for, but if you have a way for me to send you the file I will. I have yahoo messenger service if that would work.
Oh!! *w* This is exactly what I'm looking for!!!

Ah... Can you upload it somewhere? I don't have Yahoo messenger...
Or maybe, can you do a favor for me?

If you uncompress it, get all the safe (non-explicit) pictures from the doujin and send me via email, or upload them on Image Shack?

This is sooo nice of you!!!
Any help is always welcome!
Argh I'm sorry guys, I'm going to delete these and reupload them again, I'm kinda new at this lol
Debbie how ro to reupload picture..
im was asking ya how to upload pic cuz i dont know how to do it...(=__=)...
How to upload -

From the comment page:

  • Click on More on the top to link you to the uploading section.
  • Click on "Upload" on the post section
  • Fill out the 3 necessary - The file, the source, tags and the parent post if necessary.
  • Choose a rating for the image too.
  • And Click on upload on the bottom.
  • Done
Sorry, Aflame Inferno. I didn't understand what you meant with how ro to reupload picture...

Well, I guess Aoie explained well enough, right?