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Date Jun 5, 2008 User petopeto Rating Questionable Score 71
Date Mar 10, 2007 User Clam Rating Safe Score 13
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Date Mar 5, 2008 User admin2 Rating Questionable Score 0
Date Jun 5, 2008 User charly_rozen Rating Safe Score 9
*Joins the "pedo for Hanyuu" legion*
Date Aug 25, 2006 User admin2 Rating Safe Score 11
You keep saying "nice image", but you havn't even voted once...
Date May 31, 2008 User bunnygirl Rating Safe Score 17
This artist's style is very good as long as he stays away from drawing naked girls
Deleted preview 
Date Jun 4, 2008 User Radioactive Rating Safe Score 0
*sigh* my scan got Minitokyoed
If the original is better then this then please upload and I'll get rid.

Where did you originally post the scan?
It's still a great image. I've found it almost useless to hide your scans if you posted it on the internet, since once it's there, there's no stopping it.

Dovac has posted so many scans, I wouldn't mind posting mine here once I get my scanner back and working.
Well I don't mind people posting my stuff, except when it's someone I know.. and out of all place Minitokyo

here it's

( the PNG is 71mb )
Appears some of mine were E-Shuushuued too :) ... and Anime Papered ... and moe.imoutoed ... :P
Is it just me, or is this not visible in the index?