wasnt moe against tag mania ?
The names are useful, but the other tags aren't.
Date Nov 14, 2008 User Radioactive Rating Explicit Score 149
this hatsune is quite lovely. ;)
ooh time to change the sticker on the car with this one drooling
Date Aug 29, 2008 User Davison Rating Safe Score 5
Does this count as a gym_uniform?
Date Mar 23, 2008 User admin2 Rating Explicit Score 42
yeah... very nice..
thanks for share...
Date Jan 13, 2008 User MDGeist Rating Questionable Score 78
\\(^_^)// happy。beautiful。thank you。
Date Oct 17, 2008 User admin2 Rating Questionable Score 52 Hidden 7
Well, considering the aftermentioned shows I said (Ai Yori and Da Capo, plus others I don't remember now), is there a chance for me to like it or at least tolerate it?
I don't recall many shows like that from 5-6 years ago all that clearly, but I'm pretty sure both of them were better.

Anyway, my problem with this show isn't that it's mindless fanservice--I've watched lots of that and my tolerance for mindlessness is high--it's that it's bad at it. Especially running next to Kanokon, which was very good mindless fanservice...
petopeto said:
I don't recall many shows like that from 5-6 years ago all that clearly
There were a lot, but I don't remember them clearly. Only ones that I still have in my head are the Da Capo series, Canvas2 and this one with this Shinra girl.
I got to episode 4. And from what I experienced, it was a relatively fun anime to watch. Though right around that time, that anime RoserioxVampire came out too, gah... that anime was silly (as in boring and stupid) but I only got to episode 3, so I can't tell if it "actually" got better.
Yami wanders about town, munching idly on a blue popsicle.
I'd her popsicle. Wait... actually, can I rephrase that? >_<
Date Nov 14, 2008 User admin2 Rating Safe Score 30
Date Sep 11, 2008 User vistigris Rating Questionable Score 81
Gotta love those tan lines, everybody.
Date Feb 14, 2008 User Radioactive Rating Questionable Score 67
Oh, that tongue...that tongue...
Version 3 = Version 2 + Sharper (Like Version 1) + Cropped
I mistakenly deleted both Version 1 and Version 2 when I meant to delete only Version 2. Oh well.

This should be the final one, unless petopeto notices anything else that should be fixed.