Date Feb 10, 2009 User Radioactive Rating Safe Score 26
I love Sylvia Christel ... jo jo The sequel is coming on 2010! :D
Date Feb 11, 2009 User fireattack Rating Explicit Score 56
Date Feb 12, 2009 User admin2 Rating Questionable Score 0
Date Feb 11, 2009 User Eruru Rating Questionable Score 29
I wish I knew how to get amazing noise free scans like this.
We have discussions on how to remove noise on our irc channel. We also have raw scans that need to be denoised and we can help teach you how to remove the noise.
Date Feb 11, 2009 User Crystalline Rating Questionable Score 0
I've always had a problem with this Horo image. Her tail looks like a buttplug, it's unfortunate.
You forgot the '..and it is only 352x470'
Radioactive said:
You forgot the '..and it is only 352x470'
That doesn't really bother me, perhaps not suited to this site sure. But the size wasn't my main issue with the image.
Date Feb 5, 2009 User petopeto Rating Questionable Score 322 Hidden 8
petopeto said:
"I lactate dye."
I lactate?
aoie_emesai said:
I lactate?
Unless you're female, I doubt it ;p
I'd lactate her...if you know what i mean..
Would you lactate ink? ugh
Could someone please make more pictures with this blond haired girl please?
That is Misuzu from from Air isn't she?

Nevermind, the tag is there ^^

Search this tag - kamio_misuzu

Date Dec 11, 2008 User es Rating Questionable Score 56
is the mini picture removable?if it is can some1 remove it please :D
Date Feb 10, 2009 User Kalafina Rating Safe Score 36
Are you scanning these, Kalafina? They're really great. Thanks for sharing.
She looks awesome..can't wait for the next Type-moon game.