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ass black_rock_shooter black_rock_shooter_(character) hatsune_miku pantsu sayo_tanku shimapan symmetrical_docking vocaloid yuri

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whats that they're chewing? Pastry? or are they kissing? what....

When an android that can do this comes into the market, the number of cheating will increase with leaps-and-bounds. Can people even 'cheat' with non-human objects anyways?
Looks like a star chocolate.

I wouldn't be so sure about that, they'll still face the uncanny valley.
I've been unable to check imouto for three days straight and this is the oasis in my unmoeish desert! OMG i LOVE this pic!! the eyes! i think it comes down to that tender expression on their eyes and the blush while hugging in such a lovely manner! (*δ,δ)σス・キ・ヨ♪♪
SciFi said:
I wouldn't be so sure about that, they'll still face the uncanny valley.
I don't know...i'd even say there's people who already do. (I mean if there is people who have "full relationships" with objects aka. objectophilia...there's even this japanese guy who is in a relationship with a robot he's been working on for years)
worlds first sex robot: http://bit.ly/7gjLI3
crazy japanese spending christmas with her fembot lover/wife: http://bit.ly/6KAObq

P.S: i didn't know about The Uncanny (only in german...where it lacks a bit of "mystisism"on my humble opinion)...love the word, thanks for the enlightenment SciFi!! :P
BRS with Dolljoints Miku? This is quite an image.

There's already sexbots but with the erotic sophistication of Tickle Me Elmo. Give Japan 10 years or so and you'd be able to film this scene.
That is smexy as all hell, Good art work :P