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Well, it took me a long time to make this but here it is.

I'm tired of not finding any beautiful loli dakimakuras. There are too many hentai ones and none
with the soft beauty and loli moe that many people, me specially, are looking for.
That's why I made this one; there aren's many with Moetan so here you go.

Go easy on the critics please, i'm no photoshop expert and I did my best. Smoothed the whole figure
to make the texture nice, made the "bed" background" and decided to leave the pencil details; I think
they fit nicely.

Please enjoy everyone and may this dakimakura make someone happy! : )

I'll work on more loli dakimakuras, possibly an Ichigo Mashimaro one next time...
Simply beautiful.
Saved and bookmarked.
That was a very good and respectable idea, Rorioki. Awesome.
Sooo cute!! Very nicely done!!
But for it to make any other loli fan happy with the daki snuggles, it is a bit small.
The printers usually ask for 4000 pixels or larger.
Still, doesn't take anything away from the fact that she looks adorable to me!