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ass bondage bottomless cameltoe hong_meiling izayoi_sakuya kinntarou naked no_bra pantsu sheets thighhighs topless torn_clothes touhou

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Wait till she sees the video camera on the window sill behind her. XD
Mmmmm I wouldn't like to be near her.
(Bottom right?)
Best sleepover ever?

Looks like a crazy night, they got what looks like a type of alcoholic beverage on the counter (Maybe?), bondage gear, toys, Sakuya doesn't have pa- *Knifed*
LOL Kovash, for medicinal purposes only.
How could Sakuya's breast become that large? And what are the bottles?
Breast size always varies by artist.
The bottles are probably mini bottles of sake or something else that tends to make one likely to do things they wouldn't normally.
Of course the little bottles are DURGS
Debbie said:
Of course the little bottles are DURGS
What's a DURG?
AZD-A9S said:
What's a DURG?
Drugs, AZD :P
aoie_emesai said:
Drugs, AZD :P
Oh~ Drugs! Drugs is what she meant. I thought it was something new that I haven't heard of.

Thanks Aoie.
Sorry Debbie.
such a great pic and kinda funny
Since someone brought this back, I'm just going to say... I would swipe that video camera.
Sakuya is so scared, better say shocked. I suppose she was caught exactly by her boss.
theoristxxi: I'm thinking she was caught...by herself. As in just imagine the reaction of a girl waking up after sleeping someone without MEANING to. read:alcohol/drugs/w/e
XD by the looks on her face. This has happened before! XD And now again! XD