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bikini color_gap crease higa_yukari louise mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha_strikers swimsuits takamachi_nanoha zero_no_tsukaima

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I still don't know how fix color inconsistency like this..
certainly difficult, but why Nanoha & Louise?
yeah, I'm working on it right now. I know how to fix it, but I can't tell what the original colours were supposed to be! Could you point out a patch or something on here that isn't discoloured and I can go from there?
I'd say the part where the vertical crease is discontinued. That should be.
maybe you can shrink her butt while you're working on it ;) I prefer my non-curvy Nanoha
暴君和614...- -
很好- -
yeesh, that's asking a little too much of me! I do really want to erase the water drops though, they just don't look right. The character doesn't really look wet, and the drops have outlines around them...